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SmartLab Case Study - Yiannoukas medical Laboratories Ltd

The Client
Yiannoukas medical Laboratories Ltd is one of leading laboratory organizations in Cyprus. With more than 8 laboratories nationwide, Yiannoukas medical Laboratories provide all sort of lab test. Associates of the lab are well known doctors, Clinics, private hospitals and other labs and clients are located in all major cities of the island.

The Problem
The main problem that the organization faced derived from the high demand for lab tests. During the last two years it has been observed that too much time was wasted on delivering tests to the clients. Moreover, another problem was that the laboratory lacked online presence and therefore was in a disadvantageous competitive position.

The Solution
As a result, Mr. Yiannoukas has requested from SmartWebsites to provide a solution to this problem. After a thorough need analysis and competition evaluation, SmartWebsites concluded that Yiannoukas medical Laboratories ltd was in great need for a web system that would fully address the stated problems.

The web system that SmartWebsites proposed as a solution to the problem was composed of two subsystems: the SmartCMS and the SmartLab.

With all the features that come with SmartCMS, the laboratory is now in an advantageous position in regard to online presence. With the endless functionality that the system provides, the company now runs a dynamic, client-driven website that it can be administered with only few clicks, from anywhere. The eagerness that characterize Mr. Yiannoukas and the powerful tools that come with SmartCMS are the main reasons that made the website such a professional looking and user friendly online marketing tool.

The SmartLab is an online system that allows the clients of the laboratory to log into the system through the laboratory's website and obtain access to their personal lab tests. This is accomplished by a gateway that SmartWebsites has developed and which allows SmartLab to connect to the laboratory's internal test producing system and get synchronized on real time. As a result, as soon as a new test is produced within the laboratory, the two systems are synchronized and an SMS or email message is sent to the client to notify that his/her test report is ready to be accessed online.

The Benefits
The benefits that derive from this system are enormous for both the laboratory and its clients. The clients now do not have to go all the way back to the lab to get their tests. As a result, they save on time, hassle, and gas. The benefits for Yiannoukas medical Laboratory are even greater. The laboratory after a performance analysis it has concluded that due to the decreasing number of client visits (in order to obtain their tests reports), performance has been increased by 18 percent, which has a positive impact on ROI.

To conclude, this case study fully supports the notion that SmartWebsites's products are developed in such a way that are fully align with business needs of a company. The scalability, the robustness and most important of all, the superior customer service and support are the key ingredients that lead to the success of SmartWebsites's products and services.

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